Yacht Delivery

Vessel Delivery

Did you purchase a new or used yacht; need it moved to its new home port or perhaps out of state for tax avoidance?

Need an experienced professional properly licensed mariner to deliver your yacht safely, economically?

You want to go to different cruising grounds for the season but do not have time to move the vessel yourself?

Vacations over and work calls, but, you need your vessel brought home?

Getting your vessel to where you want it, when you want it, and keeping it safe and economical is our goal.

Our fees include the following:

  • Complete Safety inspection and condition report upon arrival

  • Daily documented checklists of all operational aspects of vessel

  • Daily contact with owner

  • Real-time Vessel Tracking Services

  • Fuel, Speed, Distance and Engine/Generator Hours Logs

  • Daily Wash Downs of Vessel

  • End of Trip Cleaning, inside and out

  • Written Delivery Report including anything requiring owners attention

Delivery Fees are negotiated in advance based on various factors including: size of the boat, specific services desired and expected run time. Prices start as low as $200/day plus out-of-pocket expenses. A typical delivery would include:

  • Captain $350/day plus out-of-pocket expenses (Vessels < 40 LOA)

  • Captain, 1st Mate and Crew $450/day plus out-of-pocket expenses (Vessels >40 LOA)

  • Onboard Owner Training, $10/boat foot per day

Deliveries may require one or more crew members for the safety of the vessel. Owners may accompany the delivery fulfilling the crewing requirements at onboard training rate.

Expenses include travel to and from the boat, dockage and fuel. Captain and Crew expenses are actual, with a not to exceed a fixed amount determined up front.

We do everything we can to keep your costs as low as possible. We work with you to determine an efficient operating speed and delivery schedule with your vessels characteristics in mind. When we travel to and from your vessel we use the most economical mode of transportation, including getting behind the wheel of a rental car and "hoofing it" home.

Every crew member is in a DOT random drug test program and is personally known by the captain.

Ask us about fixed-bid or not-to-exceed delivery estimates.

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