Mariner's Resources

Web Sites

Chart # 1 – Chart of Chart Symbols, Abbreviations

Colregs - Colreg Navigation Rules

Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) -

Light Lists – Lists of all Aids to Navigation (ATONS)

US Coast Pilot – Supplements Charts with General and Local Knowledge

NOAA Charts - Electronic Navigational Charts (NOAA EMC’s)

How to Complete your USCG License Application Form

Document with all Instructions from WWMT

National Maritime Center (USCG) forms (Most Current)

Marine Forecast - Marine and Sea Conditions (NOAA Point Forecast)

Tides and Currents - Tides and Currents (NOAA)

River Observations -

Corp of Engineer River Charts and Regulatiosn

Internet Based AIS Information:

Corp of Engineer Lock and Dam Vessel Queues:

Active Captain – Social Based Local Information:

Weather with Active Captain Data Overlay:

Vessel Documentation Search:


SeaIQ(IOS/Android) - Charting and Plotting using Free NOAA Charts with Active Captain Overlay

Garmin Bluechart Mobile (IOS) - Charts Planning and Navigation with ActiveCaptain Overlay

FindShip(IOS/Android) - Internet based AIS (requires shore repeaters in the area of interest)

Marine Traffic (IOS/Android)

Active Captain Companion (Apple/Android) - Hazard Alerts

Marine Weather (IOS/Android)

Weather Underground

Navimatics Charts and Tides (IOS) - Charts Planning and Navigation with ActiveCaptain Overlay

Drag Queen(IOS/Android) - Anchor Monitor and Alarm

BoatUS App - Just in case you find yourself where you don't want to be!