Mighty Mississippi

When many people think of the Mississippi River they think of a large, industrialized, dirty and dangerous waterway.   Although the Mississippi River can be all of those things, it's a very scenic waterway.   The water way requires respect by the recreational mariner.   Those who embrace its beauty and respect its challenges will be rewarded with days, weeks and years of enjoyable boating.

The Mississippi River is divided into two components.  The Upper Mississippi River (UMR) begins in Lake Itasca, MN and ends at Cairo, IL where the Ohio River enters with its formidable flow.   Cairo, IL to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico is known as the Lower Mississippi River (LMR).       

I've boated on the Upper Mississippi River from its head waters in Lake Itasca to Cairo, IL.  The UMR is largely controlled by locks and dams to maintain a navigation channel.